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McAfee installation with product key

McAfee's 25 digit activation code can be found on the backside of McAfee retail card. visit McAfee activation official site (

McAfee installation with product key

McAfee 2020: Protection from malware :

There are 2 types of McAfee protection of 2020 | McAfee installation with product key -

First - The Good: McAfee has excellent protection scores for Windows 10 and Android. Meaning it will keep you safe from all malware and online threats.

Second - The Bad: It was not tested for Mac by the independent labs.

What is a protection test?

The world’s leading antivirus test organizations, AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, run several protection tests per year. visit - McAfee installation with product key  :

During these tests, they analyze the top antivirus software on their ability to protect you from malware. Generally speaking, the antivirus software has three methods they apply to keep you safe. The test labs measure their performance in each of them.

1. Protection from known malware:

Known malware is the easiest to discover.

 You can imagine it as a criminal that has been arrested before, and whose fingerprints have been taken. In the future, if his fingerprints appear on a crime scene again, it will be very easy to recognize him.

Detection known malware works in a similar way. When a malware threat has been detected once, its digital signature (like a fingerprint) gets uploaded to a very large database. If the malware ever resurfaces in the future, the antivirus software will be able to recognize it easily.

This method of detection is called signature-based detection and is often referred to as virus scanning.

2. Protection from unknown malware:

Unknown malware is much more difficult to detect.

As they have never been countered before, the antivirus has no digital signatures to recognize the malware with. They must, therefore, use a different strategy. This strategy is called heuristic-file scanning or behavioral scanning.

In this method, the antivirus searches for suspicious behavior. A great example is a file trying to replicate itself rapidly across a range of devices and networks.

When the antivirus spots a file acting this way, it will flag the file as potential malware and investigate it further.

3. Protection from user-focused threats :

Finally, there are threats that target users directly. These are tough, too.

A common example is a phishing email. Here, you might get an email that pretends to come from PayPal, and asks you to verify your login details. In reality, though, this email doesn’t come from PayPal at all, but from a criminal, who is trying to get your login information.

To protect you from phishing and similar scams, antivirus has developed a range of user-focused protection features. These include anti-phishing, web and wifi advisors, hardened browsers, and password managers.

System Requirements :

Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7
(32- and 64-bit) Mac OS X 10.11 or
later Google Android smartphones and tablets 4.1 or higher Apple
iOS 9 or

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